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Mimaso, a software company owned by Chili Technologies Pty Ltd, was born out of the prison and alcohol and drug treatment sector in 2009. Modules have since been developed to accommodate any health or welfare service including Child & Adult Protection, Mental Health, Addiction and Aged Care. Our system supports the recording and monitoring of treatment to thousands of people throughout Australia each year.

At the heart of our system is the Stick Man, which gives caseworkers a complete client overview. Stick Man is the term used for the elongated depiction of figures in cave paintings – a somewhat universal perception of man drawn by man. Rock paintings have recorded Aboriginal history for more than 40,000 years and like the rock paintings of old, Stick Man records man's activities; his journey unfolding, like an inevitable and overriding force – building, like layers, towards his ultimate state.

We at Mimaso believe that our powerful Case Management Solution solves the business need and is the catalyst that helps report the root cause of issues. We provide the compliance and governance needed by organisations who provide support to those who have problems with alcohol and drugs, domestic violence, child protection and aged care; and the associated mental health issues. Together we can help reduce harm, aid recovery and inspire positive change.

We help our awesome clients to become even better

Mimaso provides AOD and mental health services to our non-residential AOD and mental health agencies, whose services operate from separate locations and each service incorporates a number of separate programs, with funding from various State and Federal Governments – each with different reporting requirements. With Mimaso being reliable, secure and easy-to-use, it helps our organization personalize the database to reflect the manner in which our clinicians accept referrals and treat clients within the various programs.
Mimaso is easy to use (with minimal training) and enables us to produce reports based on both client data and clinician activity, that satisfies the reporting requirements of our funding bodies and management. To give you an example of its value; its powerful reporting capabilities pinpoints the suburbs and regions where our clients (who are looking for services), come from and this gives us the ability to substantiate funding, in order to set up hubs and offices in those hotspot areas. "

See How It Works

Book an appointment to see how Mimaso works. We would love to show you how we can help your organisation, your stakeholders and your clients. Mimaso simplifies all record, reporting and management aspects associated with patients and practices. It fulfils the requirements of Federal and State Government reporting for Minimum Data Set and supports data transfer to Peak Bodies and funding agencies.

Experience Matters

Our vibrant, passionate, experienced and dedicated team of experts are here to ensure your success. We help you setup your system to enable you to easily report project outcomes and targets that have been met, back to your funding bodies. We set up your system to extract data into Excel reports based on the National Minimum Dataset requirements, eg: client demographics, program completion rates, occupancy rates etc.