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MDS, NMDS Reporting

Mimaso simplifies all record, reporting and management aspects associated with patient and practices. It fulfils the requirements of Federal and State Government reporting for NMDS and MDS.
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Customise Forms

Customise forms, intake procedures and reports for new programs and Government reporting requirements and easily customise drop down lists and set controlled fields with our user-friendly interface.
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Mobility App

Outreach caseworkers can use the Mimaso App to enter case notes and episodes of care when an internet connection is not available, ie: correctional centres or home visits.
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Built-in workflows to automate processes, including integration into email system. Prompts case workers to complete the required workflow processes ie: which forms need to be completed.
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Reliability & Security

Mimaso is a mature service that has been used by our many clients since 2009. It maintains a 100% uptime standard. Data is replicated over multiple servers ensuring redundancy.
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Data Transfer

Supports data transfer to NADA and allows for easy migration from other  systems into Mimaso. It allows for integration to accounting software packages eg: MYOB.
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About Mimaso

Mimaso is a mature Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Case Management Solution for Health and Welfare Treatment organisations who deal with Addiction, Aged Care, Child and Adult Protection and Mental Health issues. Our system provides the compliance and governance required by peak bodies and funding agencies and fulfils Federal and State Government reporting for Minimum Data Set. Mimaso supports the recording and monitoring of treatment to thousands of people each year throughout Australia.

Powerful Reporting

Mimaso enables organisations to easily report project outcomes and targets, that have been met, back to their funding bodies. It extracts data into Excel reports based on the National Minimum Dataset requirements, eg: client demographics, program completion rates, occupancy rates etc.
In fact Mimaso reports can be configured to meet any reporting requirements.

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Simplifies all record, reporting & management of patients

Underpinned by the importance of care coordination

Automated Workflows

Mobility option for outreach clients

Drug & Alcohol

Case Management Solution

  • 2009 - CurrentAddiction - Drug & Alcohol
    Mimaso was born out of the prison and alcohol and drug treatment sector in 2009 and provides treatment centres and caseworkers with the tools in order to provide treatment, stabilisation, care and support to their clients with alcohol and/or drug addition, as well as other addictions such as gambling and associated mental health issues. Our system supports the recording and monitoring of treatment to thousands of people each year across multiple locations throughout Australia.
    The mobility app is available to outreach caseworkers on Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android devices and allows Mimaso to be used offline when an internet connection is unavailable. As soon as an internet connection is regained, the app will automatically sync the information to the portal.
  • 2011 - CurrentChild Protection
    Mimaso manages carers needs and the needs of the child or adult. Each child can have multiple carers assigned to them within the system and each case can be associated or linked to another. Full reporting capabilities and customisation to your requirements.
  • 2013 - CurrentMental Health
    The success of the Mimaso system is that it is simple easy to use and it works in real time. Mimaso is modular and therefore highly adaptable to any discipline.
  • 2014 - CurrentAged Care
    The Client section is the heart of Mimaso and allows for the easy management of the client aged care databases, simply and efficiently. The client profile or stickman interface shows programs, medications and case information in one easy view. Client auditing displays end-to-end tracking of the clients history. Client lists include sorting by region/location.

Mimaso App

Mimaso App available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Devices.

File Management

Stores all documents, streamlining staff access to word, pdf, powerpoint and images. Calendar manages meetings, appointments, court dates, allowing reminders to be sent. SMS's can be sent and received into the clients record directly.

Permission Levels

Access by permission level - view/add/edit/delete. Archives are easily retrieved and client files can be reviewed from any location dependant of access privileges.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On via LDAP authentication permits a user to use one set of login credentials.

Mimaso Case Management Solution

Quick and easy reporting, key measures displayed in graphs ie: Referrers, drugs of choice, employment, indigenous status, age bands etc.


Outreach caseworkers can use the Mimaso App to add case notes and episodes of care when an internet connection is unavailable, ie: home visits and correctional services.
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Mimaso tackles complex issues

"Mimaso provides AOD and mental health services to our non-residential AOD and mental health agencies, whose services operate from separate locations and each service incorporates a number of separate programs, with funding from various State and Federal Governments – each with different reporting requirements. To give you an example of its value; its powerful reporting capabilities pinpoints the suburbs and regions where our clients (who are looking for services), come from and this gives us the ability to substantiate funding, in order to set up hubs and offices in those hotspot areas. "

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